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Those Grumpy Jungle People

For those who read the tiny stories in the back of the Finance section of world newspapers, a recurring theme is apparent. Yet another internationally owned central American mine development has been held up by those blasted peasants. Strangely, these people prefer to cling to their primitive ways rather than […]

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The Desert Island Book List

Oh wait … if I was on a desert island, I wouldn’t need a bunch of gardening/food security books, would I. It would probably be one of those “single palm tree” islands, too, and I would be the one with the hammock. So let’s move this fantasy along – I […]

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Equilibrium restored

Well, I’ll admit it. I had quite the downer moment last week. And nothing much has changed. There are hours of work to do in terms if pushing a constitutional food challenge forward.  But within moments of my last blog, Denise forwarded this: I was cheered by this. And then I […]

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The Politics of Nice

Because I’m a good Canadian, I try to be nice. But sometimes things just hit a fever pitch and I have to dump. So I’m going to ruin your day. Here’s the latest influx of food politics – Monsanto, Bayers and friends are preparing to register over 1600 new plant […]

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Interview With Robin Wheeler

Timely Tips

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