Custom Garden Consult – 1.5 hours Special!  $100

Find out how to squeeze more food plants into your existing garden.  I will visit your property and help you assess your problem sites and advantages, ID unknown plants when possible and point out edible “weeds”.  I will take your list of wishes and hopes for your garden and begin a plan that will superimpose your ideas over your existing space. You will end up with lists of actions to get you started, and we will draw a loose map so that you have a reference point for future changes.

Edible Garden Consulting

Sometimes we have an established garden and just want plain old advice to shake us into new habits and ideas. will visit your garden for $85 per hour (Local Sunshine Coast, BC area) one hour minimum.

Other Services

Seed and Cutting Starts

Have start your cuttings or seedlings, or Richter plant packs.

Interview With Robin Wheeler

Timely Tips

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