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The Desert Island Book List

Oh wait … if I was on a desert island, I wouldn’t need a bunch of gardening/food security books, would I. It would probably be one of those “single palm tree” islands, too, and I would be the one with the hammock. So let’s move this fantasy along – I […]

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The Politics of Nice

Because I’m a good Canadian, I try to be nice. But sometimes things just hit a fever pitch and I have to dump. So I’m going to ruin your day. Here’s the latest influx of food politics – Monsanto, Bayers and friends are preparing to register over 1600 new plant […]

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Big Gifts in Small Packages

Pat and Ken have returned to their travel trailer in my driveway for the night, and I sit surrounded by what they left behind them – hundreds of packets of potential life. Pat has given me one of her life’s work – her seed collection of over 250 varieties of […]

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Awash in Delight

I have just returned from Seven Springs in Pennsylvania, where I was invited by Mother Earth News to do workshops at their giant organic farming fair. I had great trepidations about the journey – I live very happily alone in a quiet clearing and it is all I can normally […]

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Interview With Robin Wheeler

Timely Tips

Get a free chapter from Robin’s book Food Security for the Faint of Heart!  ‘I’m Too Busy Watching Survivor to Live Through a Food Crisis’ is yours when you sign up for Robin’s ezine, where she shares her years of knowledge via email, twice a month.  Rural living tips, food security projects, musings on the politics of food – you’ll get it all, and you’ll learn something every time.

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