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Timely Action mid November

It’s another very mild day here on coastal British Columbia. But I spent a bit of last evening reading about snow predictions for the winter and I’m just peering about the yard, wondering what problems can be averted with a little attention now. One pattern I’ve seen too many years […]

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Alone, alone…

I wondered how I would do, when I moved up here over 20 years ago, to be alone in a cabin outside of town. I vaguely knew two people in Sechelt, not well, and of very different worldviews. So I spent a lot of time alone in the cabin, some […]

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Winterizing Old Mobile Homes

Brett from Rolling Earth was by today and we mulled over the problem of keeping mobile homes warm in the winter. It’s supposed to be a doozy this year, with the coldest weather in 50 years. If we all prepare like little ants, that will just about guarantee balmy weather, […]

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Big Gifts in Small Packages

Pat and Ken have returned to their travel trailer in my driveway for the night, and I sit surrounded by what they left behind them – hundreds of packets of potential life. Pat has given me one of her life’s work – her seed collection of over 250 varieties of […]

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Interview With Robin Wheeler

Timely Tips

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