Our instructors offer a wealth of experience in many different areas of sustainable living skills.  They offer their time generously in order to share knowledge of vital skills – our thanks to all of them for passing along their collective wisdom.

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Philip Be’er

Philip Be’er is an experienced building energy advisor who has worked with City Green Solutions for many years. Philip has been responsible for training new energy advisors for City Green for the last couple of years and early in 2009, VIU (Vancouver Island University) and City Green hired Philip on behalf of the Province of to create a study course for new advisors and to provide training for an additional 22 energy advisors from all over the province.

Alain Bergeron
Alain Bergeron found The Promised Land on the Sunshine Coast in his late twenties after completing literature studies at cegep du Vieux Montreal and an eclectic sojourn to foreign lands and tree planting throughout British Columbia.
Alain has created a sustainable, permaculture-oriented market garden upon which he bases his livelihood and raises his children. Alain has discovered that each element of his land has a symbiotic relationship with other elements. His job is to put the pieces of the puzzle together for maximum purpose and utility.

Chris Berrio
Chris Berrio taught organic farming in his native Columbia. He spent much time working with aboriginals, peasants and poor communities, learning from them and gathering information in order to spread that specific knowledge to people starting sustainable communities and lifestyles. He now lives in Vancouver.

Shortly after arrival to British Columbia, a series of events led to Cymba living on a traditional elders’ land in Coast Salish territory (Southern Vancouver Island). Along with carving and a study of ethnobotany, Cymba was initiated at this time (using the local resource of native knowledge from co-operative locals). Since this, workshops have been conducted in various locations, both in the cities of Vancouver and Victoria, and in the bush around BC.

Diane Falvey
Diane Falvey is an Agroecologist, Permaculture Designer and a certified permaculture instructor. Diane participated in the Findhorn Community She has taught and assisted at permaculture workshops in the Vancouver area since 1994, and assisted at the two week intensive at The Kootenay Permaculture Institute in Winlaw BC, 2005. She is presently co-teaching courses for back-yard food production called “Urban Food ”. In her time off, Diane is a fine arts conservator and has been preserving culture for 35 years.

Chris Hergesheimer
Chris Hergesheimer holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Simon Fraser University and is a new resident to the Sunshine Coast. He is the founding member of the Local-Grain-Initiative and his current research focuses on participating in small-scale grain production and processing as symbolic action. Through participatory dialogue about the ‘culture of grain’ and its role in shaping a distinct set of social arrangements, Chris hopes to explore how locally based ‘grain-chains’ can be used as a tool for activism and community building.

Steve Henry
“I’ve been eating and living organically for over 25 years. I started using greywater when the state I grew up in experienced a serious water shortage. The part of the state I lived in was a desert which survived on water stolen from the north to the detriment of fish there. I didn’t like this so I took action and started using greywater to water the garden. I live simply and try to incorporate simplicity in all aspects of my life including the things I build.”

Harry Hill 
Harry Hill recently received a Certificate in Garden Design from UBC and is working as a garden designer on the Sunshine Coast. He was editor of Menziesia, the quarterly newsletter of the Native Plant Society of BC, for seven years. Harry has run a home-based native plant nursery in Roberts Creek, and given slide/talks on native plants to ElderCollege and many garden clubs. For more information, visit

Garliq is the founder of the Living Medicine Project, a non-profit, community healing practice in Vancouver that aims to bring the healing of plant medicines to people, families and community through treatment, education and social justice work. He is a Clinical Herbalist, Educator and Community Organizer. His training includes wholistic systems such as the Chinese 5 Elements and the Ayurveda. His studies at the North East School of Botanical Medicine and at the Blue Deer Centre have given him a strong and balanced skill set. He resides in Vancouver

Ian Lai

Ian Lai is a consultant and Chef Instructor at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver. He is the Founder and Project Coordinator of the Terra Nova Schoolyard Society. The Terra Nova Schoolyard Society is a non-profit urban agriculture project for elementary school children located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Ian has been in the hospitality industry since 1979 and has worked for the Four Seasons Hotel, the Sheraton Hotel, Cara Flight Kitchen and he was the Resident Chef for the Consulate General of the United States of America.

Ian is the Principal of Urban Agriculture Consulting. He lives in Richmond with his wife and daughter.

Contact Information:

Urban Agriculture Consulting Inc.

Suite 11 – 3711 Robson Court

Richmond, BC

V7C 5T8


Gregoire Lamoureux
Gregoire Lamoureux is a permaculture designer, consultant and teacher. He is the director of the Kootenay Permaculture Institute and has worked with permaculture systems for over 16 years and taught many Permaculture courses in different parts of the country.His work experience includes market gardening, greenhouse production,orcharding, ecological land restoration using bio-engineering techniques, small-scale nursery management, landscaping, aquaculture and forestry work. He has written articles on Permaculture for some publications in Canada. And he has been a guest lecturer at many conferences including the BC Organic
Agriculture Conference and the Guelph Organic Agriculture Conference.

Peter Light
After a year at UBC and time spent in the Peace movement, in the late 60’s, Peter Light dropped out and headed for the woods. He raised a family in a hand built cabin and learned much about food and building processes from his many years homesteading. His later discovery of Forest Farming and later yet, of Bill Mollinson, gave him a name for what he had been integrating into his life – “Permaculture”. Peter has returned to semi-rural Roberts Creek, where he continues to observe, teach and refine.

Val Lugar
Val Lugar was born in Australia. She came by her skills “the real way” in the aftermath of WWII, as her family began to clear brush to create food gardens. Val moved to Roberts Creek 21 years ago, bringing her farm skills with her. She owned our co-op cow, and made cheese and icecream as well as annual canning, pickling, and making basic medicines and salves for livestock and friends.

Andrea Potter

Andrea is classically trained chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Her love of nutrition and organic, whole foods and healthy lifestyle brought her to Radha Yoga and Eatery; a culinary vegetarian hot spot in Vancouver, where she was the head chef for over 3 years. While at Radha she studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2009.

Through her business, Rooted Nutrition, she teaches healthy cooking classes and does one- on-one nutrition consultations, helping her clients to integrate healthy and delicious foods choices into their lives.

Her cooking classes pair sound nutrition information with whole foods- based, beautifully prepared recipes.

Interactive and fun; her classes convey her love of real food, community and culture.

For further information, to book a private cooking class or inquire about consultations –

Business email:

Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler is owner of Edible Landscapes. She is founder of the One Straw Society, the Sunshine Coast’s organic growers group. She is also founder of the Sustainable Living Arts School. She is author of “Gardening for the Faint of Heart” and “Food Security for the Faint of Heart”.

Interview With Robin Wheeler

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